Friday, 26 February 2010


We just had a quiet holiday on La Gomera. A nice place. Very quiet. A wide range of people were there holidaying. But amongst them, perhaps attracted by the peace and quiet of the place, were a number of retired people. Watching them set me thinking.
The government encourages us to save for our retirements. A sensible thing to do, no doubt. But what occurred to me was that retirement itself is an odd concept. It's predicataed on the idea that what you do in your work is something you'd want to move away from, leave.
If you were doing your Life's work, this would make no sense.
What is your life's work?
A question worth asking.
A question I am asking myself.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


La Gomera is a great place. Few have even heard of it. It is largely unspoilt. and very easy to get to. That's where we've just taken a little family holiday. Now, I wouldn't want to be called a contrarian, but here's what I've observed. Small kids don't actually like holidays. We try and sell them to them, so we adults feel great about it. But my observation is that robbed of their normal routine, their normal weather, their friends, their normal diet, their normal playthings and their normal routine, they make the best of it rather than relish it. They like the idea of it, not the reality. There must come an age when you become an enthusiastic hloidymaker. But three isn't it. I'm seriously tempted to holiday only without the kids until this age is reached. And think of the savings!


A curio I picked up on holiday in La Gomera. Apparently the reason we clink glasses together is that, in the days when chalices were frequently poisoned, the habit spilled liquid from one person's vessel to another's.

Not a lot of poeple know that!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I've got six.

How many have you got?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Name me 5 things kids don't ruin.